I have taken the last few weeks to discuss Pacific Seafood’s “Pacific Advantage.” In addition to stewardship and sustainability, quality assurance and traceability are the last two components of our Pacific Advantage mission. Quality assurance and traceability go hand-in-hand.

A key element to Pacific Seafood’s traceability methods is a system we developed called the Automated Production Control (APC).  APC tracks seafood from vessel to delivery with a labeling and fish ticket function.  As a result we are able to track a fish every step of the way with great detail. APC allows us to keep food safety standards at the highest level in the industry.  Knowing where your seafood came from and where it has been before it reaches your table is very important to our team.

Other programs and measures we take to ensure quality seafood include:
• Becoming a founding member of NFI Better Seafood Board for ethical industry practices
• Initiating the first public-private partnership for enhancing food safety program in the State of Alaska 
• An established quality assurance program which includes ongoing audits, weekly performance reviews, and constant ongoing training   

Pacific Seafood’s mission is to proactively offer the safest possible seafood to the market and consistently strive for zero percent defects in our processing standards. We will continue to strive to be industry leaders and innovators when it comes to quality assurance and traceability.