Pacific Seafood has always been committed to our fishermen, team members and the communities we work and process in along the west coast. A big part of that commitment is the investment in our plants to increase opportunities for seafood harvested on the West Coast. Since our first processing plant in 1983, located in Warrenton Oregon, we have invested in our facilities, updating production capacities to improve work safety, food safety and to create market opportunities for West Coast seafood.

I am proud to announce the next step we have made in this effort. Pacific Shrimp in Newport Oregon has recently been certified with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) , the only shrimp plant in the US to be certified.

In 2009 our team recommended that we upgrade our shrimp processing in Newport to meet BRC standards to not only improve our quality, but to open up markets in Europe and elsewhere. This was no small undertaking, the design, building equipment and hard work by the Pacific team took nearly a year.

While the facility was completed and operating before October 31st, , the end of last year’s shrimp season, BRC was not able to inspect the facility until June this year and on August 22, 2011 announced certification of the plant. Not only did the plant pass the audit the first time but received an “A” grading, the highest available.

I want to thank and congratulate all those on the Pacific Team who worked so hard for this certification, understanding the importance to the future of the industry to expand markets and improve quality. Special thanks to Dave Wright, Jim Harris, Dr. John Lin, Hakan Calik and the dozens of others who worked towards this goal.