Halibut Season Starts Early

March 10, 2010

Halibut season kicks off in a few days and being one of the most popular species, we know people are excited. Each year we work with the fisherman and fleets to bring in 100% wild and MSC certified halibut from the Pacific Ocean. I know more and more people are curious about where their seafood is coming from and how it is caught so I am proud to say that the abundant halibut we bring in is wholly traceable through Pacific Seafood’s traceability program. We selectively harvest by long line and circle hook from the waters in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

The halibut season will run through Nov. 15 and opened 15 days earlier than last year. Halibut’s mild, yet slightly sweet flavor, as well as its health and sustainability benefits, are driving forces behind its popularity. Sustainability of course continues to be a priority with halibut as well as all of our species. Halibut is consistently in demand and we are pleased with its MSC certification as we continue to be an active participant in seeking other species deserving of this recognition.

Hope you are enjoying and making the most of the halibut season!


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