Albacore Tuna Season

August 20, 2009

We are in the midst of Albacore Tuna season, and once again it has become a staple in many restaurants and kitchens. The variety of ways people are eating. Very rare or slightly seared tuna has become popular in all kinds of restaurants and it is great to see people experimenting with tuna.

I’m lucky to live off the Pacific coastline, which provides a perfect environment for Albacore because of the 60-65 degree temperatures. Pacific coast Albacore fishing also has a long history in Oregon and Washington. Albacore fishermen and women are family individuals who have been fishing this special fish for generations and who take great care of their Albacore. The Oregon Albacore Tuna is also highly prized outside the Pacific Northwest by international markets who place great value in oil content and quality.

For those of you looking for recipes for Albacore, check out The southwestern Albacore kabobs sound good to me!


One Response to “Albacore Tuna Season”

  1. Kay Eneim said

    Great to see your blog! Great tributes to our troops…Thank you for the support you provide for so many!

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