Following the Fish

April 22, 2009

Earth Day is today and this Earth Day marks our years of commitment to sustainability. Preserving the fish in our oceans in order to provide fresh, sustainable and safe seafood has been a Pacific Seafood mission since the company was founded.

One example of this is a Team at our company developed the Automated Production Control (APC). APC tracks seafood from vessel to delivery with a labeling and fish ticket function. As a result we are able to track a fish every step of the way with great detail. We are able to determine how much of a fish is actually utilized as we are develop processes to utilize more of each fish.

We can tell you when a fish was caught, by whom, how much of the fish was recovered, how it got to your plate and every step in between in a matter of seconds! Check out this video on America’s Heartland that shows how it is done.

APC allows us to keep food safety standards at the highest level in the industry. Knowing where your seafood came from and where it has been before it reaches your table is very important to Our Team. In fact, I just read about a grocery store where you can scan an item and see what farm it came from! This type of tracking is excellent for ensuring the highest use of quality and food safety. I’m happy to see that our vision is catching on.


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