Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2008

The holiday season is all about family and every family has a story.

My family is third generation Croatian and has owned Pacific Seafood for nearly 67 years. I grew up in Southeast Portland and in those days we just had the fish market on Powell. Business was fast and furious right before Christmas as everyone wanted only the best seafood for their Christmas celebration.

However, by December 24th it was beginning to quiet down. We would have our Christmas Eve dinner before attending Midnight Mass. My father always laid out a spread of fresh Dungeness crab, Oregon baby shrimp and the sweetest oysters you would ever want. He topped this off with his specialty…his homemade cocktail sauce.

Do let me know what your favorite holiday family seafood stories are.

Our family wishes you and your family the very best this holiday season.


One Response to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Theresa Jones said

    My mom, Sharon, had an excellent seafood salad that she made every Christmas. She got the receipt from Jim Gwinn. It was delicious!! She would make a huge bowl with a mix of crab and shrimp,and I wish I knew what else.

    My family is pretty big. When we get together at Christmas there can be as many as 35 people, but the spread of food is even bigger. There is such a large variety of food that one spoonful of everything fills the plate. After everyone is finished eating, it hardly appears anything was touched except the huge bowl of seafood salad. It was always completely gone. It was delicious!

    I sure miss all the fresh seafood I grew up on. My dad retired from Pacific Seafood Company and moved away. When I do see him, he always has some trout he caught from his fishing hole. Pacific Sea Food….you taught me the love for seafood. Thanks

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