Year of sustainable strides

December 15, 2008

It’s amazing to me that the end of 2008 is already here. Naturally, the end of the year brings reflection, and looking back on the happenings at Pacific Seafood, I’m proud to acknowledge the major strides the company has made in the area of sustainability – an area that will continue to be a high priority for us.

From replacing Styrofoam with recyclable packaging to converting waste by-product into fish-based organic fertilizer product to purchasing a steelhead farm that will be operated using sustainable, all natural practices, environmental stewardship is something Pacific Seafood is committed to.

This was also a big year in terms of major decision making on regulations to the whiting and groundfish industries. Pacific Seafood was proud to take part when Pacific Whiting industry participants agreed on a balanced plan for an individual quota system. It is a management system that we believe will enhance the value of the fishery to all, while at the same time decreasing pressure on our ocean fisheries.

I’m also delighted that others in the community have recognized our hard work. Pacific Seafood has been recognized by the Portland Business Journal as one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies and acknowledged by the Oregon Restaurant Association for outstanding leadership, success and dedication to the food service industry. Our team members are no doubt our most important asset, and I’m honored to have such a great team on board.

Despite the tough economic environment we’re all faced with, as I look ahead to 2009, I know Pacific Seafood’s commitment to these issues will grow stronger and I look forward to the continued strides the seafood industry will make.


One Response to “Year of sustainable strides”

  1. Janet Dahlgren said

    I took a Master Recycler class in Eugene OR and am on their website list, which is how I recently got sent this link to

    Just wanted to send a BIG thank you to all of you for putting in the effort/money to recycle on the scale that you do. Not only are you a fabulous example for other businesses–especially given our, shall we say, challenging economy–but you lift my spirits and give me hope.

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